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About Bilbao, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Bilbao, Spain)

There are a lot of tourist information booths all around Bilbao, particularly along Paseo del Arenal and near the Guggenheim Museum. Tourists can get brochures detailing the city's tourist attractions, public transport network, etc.

What to do in Bilbao

Bilbao is rich in culture and tradition. Tourists mostly visit to see the museums and take part in cultural affairs. Museo Guggenheim is probably the best-known museum in the city, and not surprisingly so. Its modern titanium gallery is especially attractive to tourists. Other bigger Bilbao museums include the Museo Taurino, which is the city's bullfighting museum.

There are regular guided tours to take visitors through bullfighting history and memorabilia. Also popular is the Museo Vasco de Historia de la Medicina y de las Ciencias, the city's medicine and sciences museum, and the Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum, which displays nautical artifacts and some sailing ships. Tourists who want to see modern art will find the Museo de Bellas Artes very interesting. Its collection includes Gothic paintings.

Many tourists watch concerts, operas and ballets in the Palacio de Congresos y de la Música, which is the city's main music and conference centre. During spring and summer, bullfighting is common. Tourists usually flock to the Plaza de Toros de Vista Alegre, which is one of the city's biggest bullrings.

For tourists who just want to walk around, Bilbao has a lot of manicured parks. Among the most famous are Parque de Europa, Parque de Dona Casilda, Jardines de Albia, and Paseo del Arena.

Tourist Attractions

The Biblioteca Municipal de Bidebarrieta (Bilbao Municipal Library) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. It is a historical building that houses a vast collection of antique and contemporary books. It usually holds temporary exhibitions, and provides Internet access to visitors.

Another famous must-see is the Mercado Antiguo Lavadero, a haven for shoppers looking for unique finds. This marketplace has a number of speciality shops. For tourists looking to enjoy the city's traditional architecture, there is the Plaza Nueva, which is home to stone arches that date back to the 18th century. The Teatro Arriaga is another architectural marvel. It's beautiful façade was built in the 19th century. Equally imposing is the Palacio de Chávarri, which shows a fusion of Bilbao architectural styles, and the Santa y Real Casa de la Misericordia, a Neo-classical building famous not only for its structure, but also for its garden.

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