Bilbao University of Deusto (Universidad de Deusto)

University Colleges and Facilities
(Bilbao, Spain)

The Bilbao University of Deusto is divided not according to colleges, but according to faculties that each offer different undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Faculty of Law

This faculty offers BAs in Law, and also PhD Programmes

Faculty of Philosophy and Arts

This faculty offers degrees in Basque, English and Spanish Philology and in History.

Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences

This houses three of the major schools in the university: the School of Tourism (Bilbao), the School of Executive Secretarial Studies, and the School of Social Work.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Among the faculty's programmes are European MBA, MA / Expert Programme in Accounts Auditing , MA Programme in Human Resources, PhD programme, Masters Executive, and Joint BA and MBA.

Faculty of Theology

The faculty offers degrees in two fields: Systematic Theology and Holy Scripture.

Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology

The faculty offers Diploma in Social Work, BA in Sociology, Postgraduate programmes, MA and Expert Programmes, and PhD programmes.

Faculty of Engineering

The biggest faculty of the university, the Faculty of Engineering offers numerous degree programmes such as Technical Engineering in Management Computer Systems, Technical Engineering in Telecommunications, with a specialism in Telematics, Industrial Technical Engineering, with a specialism in Industrial Electronics, Engineering in Industrial Organisation, Computer Engineering, Engineering in Automation and Industrial Electronics, Computer Engineering + Engineering in Industrial Organisation (Joint Degree), Engineering in Telecommunications, and Postgrad and PhD programmes.

Bilbao University

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